Audiophile Headphone Cmoy Amplifier

  • Designed and Made in Canada
  • Every unit is fully tested and has distortion measured
  • Distortion below 0.003% is guarantied for whole frequency range in every unit
  • High performance audio Op-Amps
  • Top quality Gold Plated IC socket
  • PCB carefully design for the best audio performance
  • ALPS high quality potentiometer with On/Off switch
  • Low noise 1% resistors
  • Low ESR Nichicon power capacitors
  • TLE2426 Rail Splitter, Precision Virtual Ground
  • Easily detachable IC for further experimenting with a different Op-Amps
  • Based on the famous CMoy design
  • Gain ~6V/V (~15dB)
  • Easily drives headphones from 32 up to 300 Ohms


Audiophile Headphone Cmoy Amplifier will be available soon.